A Quick Review of the Apple Pencil

A Quick Review of the Apple Pencil

What’s up guys Arxlan here the Sham Reviews with a quick look at the Apple pencil. This is an iPad pro only accessory which retails for $99. This is far more than just a capacitive stylus the Apple pencil an iPad pro is designed to work together. The iPad pro incorporates a new precision touchscreen while. The Apple pencil uses pressure and angle sensors. This gives apps a lot of data to work with to recreate virtual crayons. Pens markers paintbrushes erasers and far more now. We’ll find the tab along the side so we can slide out the tray first thing we’ll see. A packet containing some of the included accessories and literature first up. We have a lightning adapter which allows us to recharge. The Apple pencil with a standard lightning cable but more on this later.

We also have a replacement pencil nib so if the one installed wears out with heavy use. You have a replacement also included is a Quick Start Guide outlining. The basics of using and charging the Apple pencil. We also get some regulatory and warranty papers with it and finally. And We have our plastic wrapped Apple pencil cradled in the box with a tab to free it pulling on this tab We can remove the plastic and take a close look at the pencil like many Apple products. The pencil is making out of glossy hard white plastic it’s roughly. The same size as a conventional pencil and feels precisely weighted toilet top. We’ll find our Apple branding and a cap which hides. The lightning connector for charging the internal battery. The connector is elongated to work with the iPad pro’s silicone case.

Apple Pencil

Review of the Apple Pencil. If you have that installed now if you look quite close. You also see the model number, and serial number edged on the connector itself. The cap is held on magnetic and snaps into place fair easy but feels a little loose. When you’re gripping the pencil toward the top. The nib also has the same shape and geometry of a traditional graphite pencil. The nib simple twists off to reveal. The tiny sensors underneath that measure pressure and angle by the way. The Apple pencil is weighted to one side so that it doesn’t roll off a table. Which also makes sure that the Apple pencil branding is always facing upwards. The Apple pencil is a Bluetooth device and needs to be paired to your iPad pro to work. This is done by merely connecting the lightning connector to your iPad pearl.

Review of the Apple Pencil

You’ll be prompted to agree to the pairing and you’re all set to go the Apple pencil is also soon recharged using. The Lightning port on your iPad pearl so there’s no need to change. The battery or keep a separate cable around for charging once fully charged. The Apple pencil is good for about 12 hours of continuous use. Now once wholly depleted a 15-second quick charge through. The iPad will get you 30 minutes of use alternatively. You could use the protected adapter to use a conventional lightning cable or even an iPhone dock. You can also monitor the battery life though. The battery widget and the notification panel of the iPad by swiping down. The Apple pencil can be used to interact with most aspects of the interface. But specific gestures like swiping from the edges to bring up.

Notes app

The notification panel control center or windowing doesn’t work with a pencil. The pencil is generally here for tasks that require more. Precise control and input such as sketching or painting. And I’ve already designed to work with the Apple pencil is the included Notes app. you can handwrite notes or draw on the screen with a limited selection of digital tools. The iPad pro and Apple pencil combo include excellent palm rejection. So he can rest your palm direct on display without an interference. Now when it comes to handwriting on the glass panel it is a little strange here but the Apple pencil. Does this pretty well thanks to the friction provided by the nib. Which recreates some of the dispute of raining or drawing on paper. What you won’t find them for the stay on the iPad Pro is a handwriting keyboard.

So handwriting on the iPad pro can only go so far now it comes to drawing the Apple pencil detects pressure and tilt. Which is used in countless ways depending on the app or digital tools? You’ve selected now the Notes app you can see how the stroke of the line changes. As you press harder or lighter on the pencil changing. The angle allows you to widen the stroke for shading. And the combination of these gestures works together to digital recreate. The real world near seamless you can also use your finger to interact with the display. At the same time and the show treats each input different. So it knows the difference now there are more powerful apps. That give you far more tools to work with and recreate. Any number of utensils and materials from oil paints.┬áReview of the Apple Pencil.


The many brushes and other tools one of the best apps for pros right now on the iPad Pro is procreated. Which is only six dollars in the App Store and then. That can take full advantage of the hardware and real exercise. Its capabilities, unfortunately, I have none of the artistic abilities to demonstrate fully. The capabilities of this hardware combination which brings me to my next point. The Apple pencil is only a value-add if you’re an artist or visual creator like a photo editor. There’s probably no better Hardware combo for artists and creators right now.

Then the iPad Pro with the Apple pencil for some the Apple pencil may seem oversized. But for me, it fits my hand comfortable, and its size means it can be used to replicate. Other utensils like a paintbrush my only real concern right. Now with the Apple pencil is that it seems to be causing significant fair scratching on the glass. This is likely due to dust or grit being trapping between the tip of the pencil and the lens and sometimes. You can hear the gravel grinding against a glass which is not a good sound, so my only precaution is to make sure. You keep your screen and pencil tip clean as possible during use. Review of the Apple Pencil.

Buy for $99.00 from Iphone Store.

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