PowerShot g7x Mark 2 Camera Review

PowerShot g7x Mark 2

 PowerShot g7x Mark 2 Camera Review:- What’s a very typical gamer here and today I’m here on regular review? I’m going to review the PowerShot g7x mark 2. which is, of course, a successor to the first one over here. That many consider being the best vlogging camera for youtubers. All right guys so here’s the box right over here. It looks pretty standard it seems like the box of the first one came in and I got that. One refurbished, so I don’t know if any of the problems I had with that one. We’re going to be consistent with all the cameras of this kind. But that one had sort of some video focusing issue like autofocus, and also the shutter broke on it. Show you, that.
PowerShot g7x Mark 2 I don’t know where another rail that over here this is the first one over here the g7x. If you turn it on I, don’t have a battery in it a second dropping it charges a bit alright as you can see over here. When I turn it on the shutter doesn’t completely open. So that was a bit of a glitch, and I’d have to manually put it open like that So this thing did last pretty well for me though. but those issues made me. So I did like enough that I did but let’s figure out how to do this one. I don’t know who forced it there we let’s pretend that didn’t happen and over here open it right over here. We got the warranty over here you got online photo album something-something-something. You’ll run over register here’s the camera itself.

Review Camera

So here is the moment we have all been waiting for but I can tell you already only by feeling that. It feels so much sleeker has this grip over here. Which is new to the camera a couple of new features it has a different feel to it only in general. Even the back looks so much sleeker over here. Looking at this with the fold up to get an excellent view like a mini widescreen TV. Right in the pocket of your hand talk in your hand that doesn’t t make sense. But okay there’s this feature now I didn’t know.
That you can get a closer view over here pretty sure there are other cool things that you could do with it too. I’m not aware right now has more grips to it very helpful for holding the camera and especially. Because you’re going to be keeping it like this to vlog, so it’s beneficial that. They had those grips that you can hold on to and make sure you don’t drop this thing. Because of that if you’re going to do blogging some cool places. You do not want to lose this thing this one runs for about I think $800. I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to fact-check it. If you guys do want to check it out and only a quick comparison over here.

Comparison g7x

PowerShot g7x Mark 2 Let me only I guess I can’t drop the shutter on the sink as it is broken. You will notice the two differences here the g7x logo. I think the word has moved up to the top right corner this grip is new over here. It’s only a whole modern styling here the top looks pretty similar you can see the microphone over here. You got the flash right there then move into the fact you have a new grip. It is a thicker grip I would say at least two times bigger of a hold. The functions are pretty much the same thought as you could see. The screen does look it looks the same size to be 100% honest. It may be slightly more prominent, but it does have that advantage of more maneuverability.
Now over here you will see the Wi-Fi capabilities the HDMI and all that, and I assume yep over here. You will see the charging and the ability to mount this thing to a tripod. Which is helpful if you want to get some still shots. You will see the flash which will make this thing pop up to make sure it happens over here. There you go, and they look pretty similar. I rarely use that, but honestly, they look the same a different styling on the side. So I assume that they’re not made. The same way but fair interesting over here and doesn’t seem like the battery is going to be inside itself. But I’m going to assume that you use the same battery.


He’ll be here we have the battery which is the same from the g7x. The original one so you can’t have two batteries if you keep that. One and we have the strap over here so you can keep the camera attached to your hand and you would put that. It is the old one is the old one you put that strap along this thing over here. Then you could wrap it around your wrist so that you don’t lose it pretty helpful. When vlogging and then here we do have the charger. Which I don’t know if it’s only newer, but it looks a little different quite sleek. Yeah, so this one the new one has a bit more battery life it’s also a bit better at autofocusing. PowerShot g7x Mark 2
I believe that’s what people have been saying in other reviews that. I’ve been seeing, but we’re going to test that ourselves and see. How much better the mark 2 is and if it’s worthy of an upgrade or only a buy-in general. I mean speaking on behalf of someone who purchased and use the original g7x. I would say that this one if they didn’t mess. Anything up too wrong is going to be an excellent vlogging camera if not the best handheld vlogging camera. You have unless you want to go full AC nice tat and want to get a freaking handheld DSLR or something like that. Which I have tried and it’s quite inconvenient to carry around that’s. What I’m going to say these are very convenient for the size, and they pack a lot of punch for how big they are.

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