Lightning Dock Of Apple Iphone 6s And 6s Plus Review

Lightning Dock Of Apple Iphone 6s And 6s Plus Review

Sham Reviews with a swift look checking out the new lightening docks for the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. I did a review of the white plastic iphone lightning dock. Which was a universal dock that worked with any iPhone brand? That has a lightning connector that also works for iPod Touches or even the iPod Nano. It also even works with the iPad Mini or the iPad air. But it is a little unstable at that size now at $49 these are $10 more than the white lightning dock, and that’s. Because these are metal with the finishes of the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus. So we have silver gold Space Gray and rose gold which is a new color with the iPhone So getting to the unboxing again straightforward box here we have a pull tab on the back.

we can pop open the lid pulling out the tray will find the dock neatly nestled in its tray wrapped in a prosthetic. So all we have to do is peel off that plastic, and we’re ready to go we do get some paperwork highlighting. Its uses the warranty information and that sort of thing. We do not get a lightning connector charge or anything like that. Because all of that comes with your iPhone so long the back. We’ll find our lightning connector along with an audio output. So you can connect the set of headphones, or you can attach a set of external speakers too. The top we’ll find our slightly angled lightning connector with. This little bumper right below it. Which provides some distance between the Lightning connector and the base.

So you don’t muffle the speakers, and this allows it to work with some instances. so, for example, this will work with Apple cases. Some third-party cases like a speck CandyShell or some speaking cases. But of course, this isn’t universal it depends on the design of the third party case toward the bottom. We have this nice rubber foot which grips a table, and as always the dock is slightly weighted for stability. Now if you appearance naturally closely here you can see Apple has paid some attention to the smallest info. So if you look at that bumper around the Lightning connector. It’s color matched to the antenna insulators on the phone. So for example with space grey, it’s a darker grey or silver. It’s a lighter grey and with the rose gold or the gold colors.

It’s completely white just like on the iPhone, so I like that attention to detail here. And it does make a difference, and a take a look at the finishes here. These again reveal the colors of the iPhones which at the time of this Article have not been releasing yet. But if we look at the docks here, we can see that. The space gray is pretty much identical to the space gray on the current iPhone 6 and 6s. So, unfortunately, that means we don’t get the new darker Space Gray. We’ve seen with the new iPod Touch and the Apple watch sport same with the gold. The gold is the same color that’s available on the current iPhones. As well as the iPads and the Mac books and of course silver is just raw aluminum.

So that’s pretty much carried over, but we do get the new rolls gold. Which does match the rose gold on the Apple watch sport. I just reviewed now in case it’s not clear these are Universal docks. So these will work with any Lightning devices. That will sit on it so for example if you have an iPod Touch 5th generation. This will work just fine with it or if you have a gold iPhone 5s. And want to match it with this new dock you can certainly go ahead and do that. So this is not limited to the iPhone 6s or 6s plus in any way now as I said in my original review. It is a little cumbersome to use this dock because it’s hard to line up.

The Lightning port with the phone especially. When you can’t see them connecting, and sometimes you scrape the edges of the phone. However, you do get used to it over the years and locate the right spot to line up now in phrases of balance. It’s great again it’s weighted, and it’s wide enough so that it won’t knock over easily now technically. They do work with the iPads, but it’s not very stable and not recommended. So, in the end, I like these, and of course, I’ll be using these in my iPhone 6s and 6s plus reviews. And I do have all four colors for each phone coming. So we will take a look at them on those docks in that Article so stay tuned for that make sure. Buy for $49.00 from Iphone Store.

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