Kindle Paperwhite E-reader Review

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader Review

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader Review:- What’s up guys welcome back to Sham Reviews. My name is Arslan and today we’re looking at the Kindle Paperwhite. This is the 6 inches 300 pixels per inch tablet. I want access to a whole bunch of books now apparently this is an Amazon product. If you have a prime account, you already have access to thousands of books, and please keep in mind. I have never looked at a Kindle in my entire life but I’ve done some looking up and stuff. There’s a lot of different ones out there this is a much smaller one. But what makes this interesting is everybody has seen tablets. Before and you know what they do there you can play games, and I said you can’t play games on here this is for book reading.

But not only is a book for book reading but the screen it’s meant to look like paper like real paper. It’s it’s kind of bizarre when you first look at one. Because there’s no glare there’s no reflection you could read this outside in the Sun. You’ll see a clear as day this one has a built-in adjustable LED. A single battery charge on one of these doesn’t last days. That previous week they state in their description that you’re you may have to charge this up. Maybe once a month you can hook it directly up to your Wi-Fi. Which that’s what you need to do but it’s also got four gigs of memory in it. So that way you can download a whole bunch of books.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

And have it on here and not worry about connecting it to the Wi-Fi. You can be offline wherever Kindle oh wow that is a stupid light that they provided a nice little cable in here for us. And I think that is it that’s all you need now the cable about three foot USB two micro USB cable. Very nice is that on the screen is that something I have to take off what’s going on here. Okay, so that it’s a very basic very simple there are no crazy buttons anywhere, there’s just one. You’ve got your micro USB port your LED light and your power, and that’s it oh I get it oh that was the screen. I thought that was a sticker oh it’s so weird looking at this going through.

It’s paced oh hello Kindle paperwhite high resolution. We know weeks of battery life, of course, gets oh yeah. I’m going to connect to the Wi-Fi don’t look at my password. Okay, so you can see it just like any other tablet or phone. You’ve got your time your battery life you got your Wi-Fi signal here. We go an existing Amazon account yes all right stop looking at my stuff. Okay, so good breeze I heard a tiny bit about this. But it’s kind of like a book club soon here you can sign up for a book club. You can hear about new books from a like so kind of like a social network. It’s from what I heard it’s cool, and we’re in look at that we are in.

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Okay, so you get your settings you can put it on the airplane mode you can sync my candle. So you can change your light you can go all the way down oh yeah slide. I’m going to crank that bad boy out now let me turn that down a little bit, okay so this is what it looks like. So tap the top of the screen to display the toolbar okay got it there we go. Okay so now we got a toolbar, so here Ted adjusts your font and page settings. So that’s cool okay so you can change your font, so they have a few different fonts here. You can change the size. And You can replace the spacing margarine mark margarine. You can shift in margarine you can change.

Paperwhite E-reader

Your margins orientation reading progress location and book time left in the chapter. Cool now if you want to turn the page, ah you do it you slide it over. Or you go back press and hold on a word to look it up in the dictionary what. It’s easy to highlight add a note or share wow you can add your annotations by highlighting stuff. How cool is that okay so if I go like this boom the dictionary pops that is cool. How often do you run into some word maybe you’re not quite sure exactly what it means well there you go. I suggest you hold it down boom the dictionary pops up and it tells you translation even Jesus. Okay, I’m going to turn off the lights because we need to see how this backlight looks. You could read this in the dark.

Maybe I’m just easily entertained, but I think this is saying. This is a sharp turn on max lighting look at that that is so awesome. If you’re a book reader and you like to read in bed, or you go to sleep which a lot of people do. You may be sleeping with somebody, and they’re not, and they’re like hey turn off the light. So I can go to bed, and you’re like oh and then you have to get one of those little book lights where you hook it on there.

And it’s annoying and all that it’s bright enough to read everything without like lighting up the room. Which is right it’s a very soft backlight. I mean it’s not bad it’s lightweight it’s convenient you know. You can put it in a little bag you can hold on to it it’s so comfortable in such a small little package. You’ve got the world’s literature at your fingertips that’s a selling point Amazon.

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