Batman Kids Watch with Black Rubber Band Review

Batman Kids Watch with Black Rubber Band Review

Batman Kids Watch with Black Rubber Band:- What’s up kid speed around Sham Reviews here. Who ordered this watched Star Wars. The new Star Wars movies out. I have not seen it you know what I love Star Wars. I’ve been a big fan of Star Wars my whole life. I’m not really eager to go out and see this movie. I’m going to but you know what one of the things. That’s I might say is that the Star Wars brand maybe has been slightly overexposed and it is on everything you know. They are merchandising the heck out of Star Wars and one of the things that their merchandising. The heck out of is this LCD watch for kids alright so down eject. This watch you push this tab up on the bottom, and this thing slides out by the drawer.

So there is LCD watch I got it in stormtrooper because you know what I would join the dark side dude. This is white and black pretty cool everything’s plastic or rubber or silicone. It has little stormtrooper masks and Darkseid empire symbols. Including stars, on the band, the play the rubber here is a bit stiff as you can see. It’s holding the shape not that that’s bad it’s just a little thicker than. I would have expected stormtrooper and empire symbols on the top two retaining clips. The clasp here is entirely plastic as well black and then let’s get to the to the front. There you got a stormtrooper looking right at you baby, and you know. The black and white scheme seems pretty good. You know everything’s plastic says try me here.

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Batman Kids Watch with Black Rubber Band

So let’s hit that see what it does ooh flashing LED lights seems like there’s three of them runs in a circle. I don’t know how long they stay on and this looks like your mode button to start time and date changes okay. So now we’ve got it there this button. Alright, guys, I had to go the instructions to figure out what to do on this, and it is what I thought. But it’s low-quality construction, so the issue here is now on time. This is the set button, but you have to press it, man. I mean I have to use two fingers you know to push it against. Whatever the button is to do it so here you scroll through. You know it’s standard mode switch here, and then this is the set button. So you can change everything by pressing it but in this case.

You’re going to need an adult to help out with that to do that for kids. Because it’s just hard to slow these two buttons. Don’t do anything and they don’t push in they’re just there for decoration going to give the watch. A little bit of balance and you can see that the dial is just a printout of kind of you can even look at the pixels. It seems like an inkjet print out but it’s pretty good and for eight bucks. You know it’s fun you will watch the toasting time, and you hit this, and you get. I don’t know I don’t understand why blue LEDs or Star Wars but it is so Peter Ron Bandar for the Star Wars theme watch out. Buy for $9.99 from Amazon

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