Amazon Echo Dot Review (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot Review

Amazon Echo Dot Review (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa:- this is Amazon’s new echo spot. it’s yet another echo smart speaker. that you can use your voice to command and control it and talk to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. now what sets is 130 dollar spot apart is its circular touchscreen. which can display a clock information lists video and more. just like the larger echo show from earlier this year. you can also use that screen and the spots integrated camera. to make video calls with other echo devices and phones. basically the spa is a smaller cuter less expensive. version of the show with many of the same capabilities. it is to the show what the echo dot is to the full-size echo. that means it does echo stuff it plays music it answers questions. and control smartphone gadgets.

it can set timers and alarms you know all the other stuff that. other echo devices do Alexa send an alarm for 12:45 p.m. to Drake alarm set for 12:45 p.m. to Drake on Spotify. you can get it in white or black and I definitely prefer the white model. and the spots display measures 2.5 inches across and it’s 480 pixels wide. which makes it a bit too small to comfortably watch video on you can do it. if you want but since Amazon and Google are in a big fight right now YouTube doesn’t work. so the options for videos is pretty limited mostly. it’s just movie trailers and Amazon Prime video content. but the screen is great for displaying a clock and there’s 16 different faces to choose from.

Echo Dot

They both have analog and digital designs. And four of them are customizable with your photos also. It displays album art to-do lists shopping lists. And weather information right at a glance. Now on top of the spot are buttons for controlling the volume and muting. The mic and camera there’s also for far-field microphones which in my tests were able to hear my voice. Just about as well as the seven microphone arrays on other echo devices the spot has a 1.4 inch. The speaker that sounds way better than the echo dots tinny speaker when Alexa talks. It also looks excellent for casual music listening. But it’s not going to work as well for that as a more considerable echo or as sonís one.

If you do want better sound, you can link the spot to a larger speaker with a cable or Bluetooth. Which is a nice convenience to have now just like the echo show? You can use the spot to make video calls to other echo devices with the screen or to a phone using Amazon’s Alexa app. now in practice, this works pretty well the image is the sound is good, and you can easily see the person. You’re calling and your image right in the spots display. Now you can also enable that creepy drop in feature that. Lets you connect to another echo spot or show directly without anyone answering the call. But video calling seems like a feature.

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That’s better suited for the more massive show than the smaller spot. For example, the place is a perfect device to replace an alarm clock on your nightstand. But I can’t ever imagine wanting to make video calls. While I’m in my bedroom, the top button will disable both the camera and the microphones for voice control. But you can disable the camera independently in the spot settings menu. Now admittedly that’s not the most reassuring thing. So you might be tempted to put a piece of tape over the spots camera as you might do on your laptop’s webcam. But Amazon says that the spot uses the camera for the displays auto brightness. So you might end up with a screen that’s way too bright or way too dim.

Amazon Echo Dot

If you do that I just wish that Amazon would sell a version of this without a camera. Which would reduce a lot of these privacy concerns? But if you don’t have a problem with the camera and you’re not concerned about the privacy. The spot is a great alarm clock for your bedroom you can set alarms with your voice. You can even ask Alexa to wake you up to a specific artists song or playlist. And then you can snooze the signal with your voice in the morning. Or you can just silently dismiss it by touching. The screen the spot will even display the current weather conditions. when your alarm goes off, so you know how to dress for the day when you wake up.

It’s the perfect smart alarm clock. If it didn’t have an anxiety-inducing camera built into the front of it, Amazon says that. The spot can work in other parts of your home too. But it’s probably not the best echo for most other uses the more massive show is better. If you want a voice control display in your kitchen for recipes. And background video watching while you’re cooking or doing dishes. And the audio only echo devices are better for a living room. Or an office where you probably already have other screens like a TV. Or computer all that makes a spot kind of a tough sell. It’s not particularly inexpensive, and it has a pesky camera.

That you might not want in your bedroom but despite that. I personally really like it looks cool it doesn’t take up a lot of space on my nightstand. And it has the ability to replace both the echo dot and the Sony alarm clock. I have in my bedroom right now just Amazon. So if you want to find out more about an Amazon Echo Dot Click Here.

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