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The Ultimate Secret Of 5 Reasons Headphones Are Better Than Earphones

5 Reasons Headphones Are Better Than Earphones. Today I’m going to tell you about the top five reasons to choose over-ear headphones like these ins. The top five reasons to select over-ear headphones. When compared to those little dinky in-ear earbuds otherwise Now for this demonstration, I’m going to be using the brand new HiFiMAN HE350. A bit of these headphone: open back design, premium materials. Substantial fifty-millimeter drivers and available exclusively at Massdrop. And temporarily this is a collaboration, a relaunch of a classic. These things are a huge drop off of the retail cost. They are available for about a hundred bucks and to be quiet. honest, it’s going to be difficult to find headphones of this caliber at that price point. So if you want to get in on the action: Go check it out! So why over-ear headphones?

Number 1:

The driver! These have giant fifty-millimeter drivers and no matter. What you do in an in-ear-style headphone you merely will not have as big of a speaker on your head. What does this mean for you? Generally speaking a better listening experience, more significant driver, more sound. It is an acoustics 101. You can have a big driver that’s terrible, and you have a small driver that’s incredible. But in general, general terms, these guys going to have more significant drivers, which do a better job. Most of the time, at reproducing a more extensive. Frequency range all the way down to those low frequencies that we all love.

Number 2:

Longer listening sessions. So with this set of headphones, I’ve got you. It is a pretty lightweight over-ear, and it’s adjustable. So chances are it’s going to be comfortable for you to wear for very long periods of time. Where the inside of your ear, generally speaking, is going to be more susceptible to fatigue. So you can throw a pair of these on and three hours can float by as you listen to your Pink. Floyd or whatever it is that you choose. Plus the adjustability means that they’re going to fit better for more people.

Number 3:

Soundstage. It is terminology that gets thrown around in the audio world in with an open back design the experience. You have a lot more similar to what it’s like to be in a live venue. Where it kind of, it kind of feels like the sound is coming from a further distance away. Like you are in an environment of music. It’s challenging to have this vast soundstage. It comes with an open back in in-ear design.

Number 4:

At home listening. Generally speaking, when you’ve got set up, you got a record player. You might have one of these guys right down here: I’ve got a dark voice tube amplifier like this one. Generally speaking, you’re going to want to give them something that’s easy to put on, easy to share. You’re not going to have that kind of hygiene issues with in-ear headphones. So for those kinds of social listening environments. Maybe in the living room or your bedroom or so on, these are just going to be a little bit easier to pass around.

Number 5:

Why you should choose over-ear headphones when compared to get here is for gaming. Or movies anything that’s mixed in a kind of potentially surrounding environment. When you’re in a game, and you hear gunshots coming from a particular direction. That larger driver on the outside of your ears is going to do an excellent job of helping. You identify the exact location of that sound. These things are going to do a fantastic job of delivering that. So there you have it! That’s 5 Reasons Headphones Are Better Than Earphones. The most important reasons for me to choose over-ear headphones. When compared to in-ear style If you want to jump on the mass drop for the HE350 become one of the few people on the planet that have these headphones at this price, Check Out.

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