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5 Gadgets Reviews You Would Like To Buy

5 Gadgets Reviews You Would Like To Buy


Ghost backpack


Ghost this small backpack outperforms. Similar products on the market also to carrying everything. You need the backpack protects your personal belongings. And it can help you keep your device’s charged. The backpack made of a seven-layer material is shock resistant. This gadget is waterproof and corrosion proof. It also has a tracker and in case of loss. You can easily find out where your backpack is a built-in charger allows you to use.
Your devices on the road as much as you want without being afraid. That they will discharge the left strap has a convenient pocket to store your cards or cash. The most critical compartments of the backpack are by divided into several sections. For you to place your items separate. But the most vital component is that you don’t have to worry. About the security of your belongings as the pockets of the smart backpacker. Equipped with unique codes that are impossible. So hack you can pre-order his bright backpack for $85 B. Click Here To Buy.

2. Bee


That is a small and secure payment device. That allows you to store information from up to 20 bank cards of all types. With a diameter of 24 millimetres and a thickness of 8 millimetres. This gadget is smaller than a wallet fits in any pocket and can be used as a keyring or an accessory for your belt. Your bag or backpack the device works in conjunction with a mobile application. That allows you to control your spending and payments.
If you are interested in knowing. For example, where it is best to buy specific products. The app can help you by showing you different places to shop. The device is biometric, i.e. it works and reacts only when the user’s fingerprints are recognized. The memory can store up to three different fingerprints. So you can allow your closest relatives to use the device to buy this device for $49.Click Here To Buy.



dobot m1 this basic robot is a unique project capable of carrying out a large number of activities. The robotic hand is elastic and can cut print move and lift objects weld and many other things. The robot has two different bits one primary and the other. At the users choice Which can be a 3d print nozzle a four-axis articulation. A chisel a suction cup or an extra gripper bit can be purchased by for $80. Each the product also features professional accessories such as a 3d Mouse for $200 for $600.
You can buy an optics set welding tools are a moving piece of equipment to increase the working radius. At the hand dobot, m1 can be programming in different ways for example. You can activate the learning mode that allows the hand to record any movement and repeat it. The device also includes a set of programming instruments and a development kit. The price of this multifunctional gadget is $1,000. And increases depending on the extra elements. Click Here To Buy.

4. Pimax

PI max the main feature of this virtual reality. Glasses is the quality of their image thanks to two horizontal. LCD screens with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels and a viewing angle of 200 degrees. Only 20 degrees less than the human eye. The user has wholly immersed in the virtual reality of the game.
Also, developers relied on the Fresnel lens and other modern technologies. The high density of the pixels in the image allows the spaces between them to be imperceptible. The model to be more saturated the device. Also comes with an eye tracker a tactile tracker. An odour generator wireless connection. Integration with eyeglass receivers a cooling system. And a different grip with built-in sound. The price of the virtual reality glasses is $500. Click Here To Buy.

5. Jammy


Jami, unlike most electric guitars. This one is tiny. When folded it measures only 12.5 inches and when used it reaches 20 inches. It can be by using without any extra devices or connection to a smartphone. Only by connecting the headphones or speakers through standard inputs on the guitar. The invention features steel strings and has several modes of work. For guitarists with different levels of experience.
For example, free play mode allows you to use the device as a typical electric guitar. Listening to what you play through an amplifier or headphones use. The gadget with a unique mobile application to activate other modes. Which include a loaning program that enables. The lights on the guitar to show the user where to place is phalanges. This compact electric guitar comes in three colours. red yellow and black for the smallest price of $350. Click Here To Buy.

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