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5 Cool Gadgets Under $10 you can buy from Amazon

5 Cool Gadgets Under $10 you can buy from Amazon

5 Cool Gadgets Under $10 So it’s been a while all right as far as inexpensive products are concerned. I hear it a lot Lou $3,000 speaker what’s going on here all right we need value stuff we need something. I can afford this is five unique, strange, unusual gadgets under $10 what do I have in front of you

1: Flash Fan

Flash Fan

I want to start with the flash band. Smartphone led fan now it is chilly where I’m locating, but maybe it’s not for you. in fact I recently traveled to another place, and it’s undoubtedly not chilly. There perhaps you want something like this a little fan boo you off that plugs into your phone, and I guess it looks cool at the same time they make a few models black and white color plug it into your smartphone. Your smartphone powers it these are a little over ten that’d be honest.

These are like 13 bucks but still okay close enough oh it’s a tight fit hit the button. Oh oh wow it’s more potent than I expected and the lights. I mean you’re putting on a show all of a sudden sort of flip it up, and this is you that works for thirteen USB type-c also micro and iOS.

2: Flexible Mini USB LED

Flexible Mini USB LED

I think that’s pretty cool in the same department the USB light. I’m going to open up the black one here plug it into a USB port. This product can be used by with a power bank laptop and all other USB devices dependable and bendable. I don’t know if it’s dependable yet. I have a small power bank over here and let’s see what happens boom you see you see that. That’s I mean it’s an LED why is it flashing now. If you bend it’s of no is this faulty is this do a let’s try. Another one all right so you plug it in maybe you have a power outage need a real quick flashlight that can last for a long time and doesn’t require removable batteries double-a batteries or something like that a little bendable. Hopefully dependable USB light.

3: ElePack


Okay, next up we have something that just arrived today it’s called Ella pack. These guys they have a pretty basic kind of proposition here. Which is that everybody’s got a charge cable or some headphones sitting around So in your house, you might have a bunch of different charge cables one of them’s yours your sibling. They’re stealing your cable who knows what they’re up to they all look the same and you can’t prove it. After the fact comes in a bunch of different colors. I mean this is this a basic lightning cable. That’s not so bad, and I guess the intention here is that you cut it to size also. We’re going to come back to this we’re going to put Bowl to work. He’s going to show us the finished product there.

4: LyfeLite


The next one is probably my favorite of the bunch this is cool this product here is called light life emergency LED bulbs. It’s a four to five-hour emergency life of course. There are all kinds of smart bulbs out there in the world you’ve seen them in the past, and they’re cool nothing wrong with those. This one kind of takes a different approach there’s no app for it nothing too fancy like that, and that’s part of the reason why it’s inexpensive and the critical factor. With this is when the power goes out it keeps running.

So it has a built-in rechargeable battery. It’ll be charging up as it sits in your socket and then when the power goes out this thing still has five hours of battery life. Now I have one set up in a lamp over here. I go ahead I turn it on it works I turn it off continues to function you’re like. I don’t get you what’s the big you’ve got them. It’s plugged in oh is it is it how about this that is the prong that’s juice coming from the look that’s all the cables right there. That’s juice coming straight from the bulb, and you can see the switch. They fire on your switch still works. I’m not going to ask questions it only does that’s pretty cool especially at the price point.

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These things for 4:30 and then you get for free is well under the $10 price point of the other items in this Article, and I don’t know if that’s just genius all bulbs should have that they also give you this little clip adapter. So this thing they include in the Box this short clip with a hanger on it. It will then act as a switch it doesn’t get hot because it’s an LED and once again it’s durable – that does not glass 10,000 hour lifetime to a loved one in the event of a power outage. 5 Cool Gadgets Under $10. 5 Cool Gadgets Under $10 you can buy from Amazon.

They’re going to be thinking about you when that light kicks on it man. I love that person, and I love you-you’re always thinking about me now it is worth noting. They’re not the only people who make this type of bulb, but there are a few others on Amazon as well.

It is the one I tested, and it works, and it’s cool, and it’s cheap. I could say whatever I want, and please leave. So mo is finished with his arts and crafts project eight bucks for two of these. I guess it’s a little cheaper than just replacing the cable I don’t know about the value there when you could. Just grab another cable look at this I don’t do different colors Ella pack. It’s kind of interesting. It is not nylon it’s more of a plastic material but. That’s what it ends up looking like, and it’s colder than the original cable. It’s probably not going to tangle as easily. Either there you have it all right why don’t we have. 5 Cool Gadgets Under $10 you can buy from Amazon.

5: Sweetfire Fire Starter

Sweetfire Fire Starter

Last up maybe the most exciting. It was most selection for the day. The storm proof sweeps fire strike-able fire starter windproof waterproof made from renewable biofuel. It will burn for seven minutes each ten bucks $9.99 for 20 of these fire starters. It is producing from sugarcane that’s interesting outdoor use only. All right we’re taking a real don’t try this home maybe we are outdoors. You don’t know that this is an outdoor studio you would never do all right with the backdrop. Keep your good fire starters in this plastic wrap okay, so that’s what it looks like they’re a little bit of water here. I guess I’ll dunk it Oh dunkaroo that’s appropriately wet look at that let’s try to strike it when it’s wet Oh baby. 5 Cool Gadgets Under $10 you can buy from Amazon.

Whoa that is that is a rigid plate hope suffocation water isn’t going to stop that thing once again this is for outdoor use only don’t try this at home. I’m a trained professional that’s the face of a professional right there. Yeah anyhow, there it is a bunch of cool gadgets under or right around $10 now you can’t possibly say that everything.

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