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Why Is 5 Cool Gadgets Under $10 So Famous?

Why Is 5 Cool Gadgets Under $10 So Famous?

So you’ve been following the series the cool gadgets series. Three under a Particular price point. I think the most a popular one was under 10 Dollars. Today is another instalment in the under $10. Gadgets these might be what you’re looking for who knows okay let’s kick it off with this right here.

1: Swiss+Tech 6-In-1 Key

The Swiss tech lifetime warranty robust stainless steel utility six in one this Thing is $7.50. It looks like a key, but it isn’t a key at all, in fact, it’s a multi-tool. Micro screwdriver flat screwdriver bottle opener serrated knife Blade Phillips. Screwdriver straight nightly. It locks securely onto your keyring solid stainless steel 7.50 Dollars. What I like about this one is that it looks like a key let’s see how do I do this yeah there you go just like A Swiss Army knife.
So it pops open like that here is your straight knife blade near the top serrated edge beneath it Phillips. Screwdriver a bottle opener in this location right here oh here. This is The flat screwdriver right there. It is where it will close around your keyring Here is a very fancy bottle of coca-cola.

2: Grip-it Controller Grips

I’ve talked about these in the past these are kind of like a must for me the ones on the Right, are about 5 Dollars. It’s called Grippit these over here called gel tabs five Dollars. Something like seven Dollars or six Dollars. They’re in the same territory. These are entirely universal and These over here. They do make a separate version for PlayStation for three as well as Xbox products Xbox one. I’ve had issues with the material. Wearing down on the stock PlayStation 4 Controller. So I’ve been using these grip. It’s for a while in fact.
PlayStation 4 can get a couple of days ago, and it’s Been getting worse. I have a PlayStation Control over you. Now I haven’t tried these gel cabs but the grip. It’s there super easy to use crack this open here now these wrap around the outside They don’t pop off. They slip off nothing like that it’s immediately more grippy. You feel that little bit of texture there this is on my controller At home. I use these things they’re five Dollars that’s a no-brainer now the gel one it might look a little Cooler.
Let ‘s try it out okay so, so it’s a slightly smaller surface area, but it’s also sticky probably a little squishy er Maybe. If you’re into it, either way, I say Get one or the other these. I’ve used for a long time. They might sell out After. I shout them out on this Article That’s happened in the past. So I’m just giving you that little word of warning Right. Now, no-brainers right here save your controller get better grip bingo.

3: Bcase Cable Organizer

Be case though I don’t know you say that Tough tee up tough. Whatever this is a Little cable management device now you’ve got the bedside table you’ve got your bed you charge your phone. Thereon the nightstand what do you say bedside table or night stays your schedule is there. Where you charge every night but when you go to reach for it the lights off. You’re sleepy you’re snoozy it fell back down behind hey Dad it’s The work. This thing here aims to drop that experience from ever happening again. What it is sticky the magnetic contraption that sticks on to any surface. Then these little clips that go on to your cable ensure that It’s.
Where you expect it to be and it can’t fall behind is a table it’s well under ten it comes in different Colours. If you’re not into the lime appearance 3m sticky We’re going to put it down over here now these little things are the clips, and they’re Magnetic. They have tiny small magnets, and that gives you three of them, and then you go ahead we open up the clip you Feed it through. So it’ll sit up here Like this, and you pull it off. You can pick the whole thing up and be using your device while it’s plugged in the dropped It down on there, and it stays.
Where you expect to stay next night, you come back you grab it. Some different cable diameters in their same kind of the scenario here. Catch one of plug it in your charging playing and Then. You’re donning with it you come back to them to the magnet, and it stays there All right to think of all the stress that.

4: Revobeard

You’re all here for the Raval beard When it showed up. I was like excuse me what we think a beard like this Here comes easy the beard game is. So I regarded it up on Amazon, and I was like Whoa, people love this thing. It’s A little bit over $10.
It is 1095, but I think it’s suitable for this Article you got the neckline. The step cut the curve cut the goatee and the sideburn, and it makes sure that Union you have no Clue. What you’re doing all a sudden you’re golden got your razor here you come down to the edge you lift it off, And you got what. You’re looking, for now, I’m doing the goatee edge right in There. I just liner up I’m doing the neckline. Where do you want that line to be your key to winning the beard game and probably the love of many fair Maidens?

5: Aukey Watchtower Security

We’re going to set it up here in the studio it’s the whole kit that’s all-in-one designed to Work with one another. There are four cameras inside this package including a central Base station. Which will do all your recording the various inputs for your Cameras? There’s even a little mouse it’s like a complete all-in-one and an HDMI Cable in the box. That’s a bonus here’s the camera it also has night vision as Well. Hopefully, Jack can pick that up against 1080p resolution gets for these units.
All the cables to connect it and the central head unit. As well this unit right here will sync up with not just your smartphone. But also potentially your SmartWatch. Somebody walks into your premises. Jack’s trying to have a party when you shouldn’t be in the studio any good bud. I’ll put this right back at you there. Also doing a deal as well 20% off on Amazon.

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