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3 cool, unique, unusual, strange, amazing gadgets

3 cool, unique, unusual, strange, amazing gadgets

So as you know that cool tech, it never slows down, and today I wanted to put together a few of the cool ones. 3 cool, unique, unusual, strange, amazing gadgets.

1: Revolcam


Rebel cam by shift cam mini rig mini the gesture robotics aura this one here looks a little bit ambitious. But let’s get started with the rebel camp CES Innovation Awards that’s good. Start the multi-lens photo revolution for smartphone work on any smartphone. A selfie mirror frame it up it all pretty pucker up and whatnot an adjustable ring light to illuminate in dark environments. It’s all in this one little package from a lens perspective a revolver bowl system. I don’t think I’ve ever said that word before evolvable oh my goodness revolver. You’ve never said that word before an interview mister revolver ball you’re not alright. Hey, fisheye macro and wide-angle you know I love the wide-angle.

Where are you taped brother, oh there we go look at that mirror whoa what do you think Jack can you see yourself in there spins and clicks turn it on turn it off and magnetically look at that right in that location? Where the mirror was multifunctional a cute little carry pouch, so that is what it seems as if when it’s on and then to switch lenses. You spin this small guy This must be the macro lens Let ‘s bring it up to some text here oh baby crazy detail there it’s a pretty wild with the light attached little chips on the coin there are like small chips on the surface of the coin.


Which I couldn’t even see with my own eyes pretty extreme right like have you ever yet seen a fingertip look like that whoa and you obviously can tell what this one is right away. It’s crazy wide I mean almost like a sort of like music video it’s the rear camera right you get all the advantages of using the rear camera. Wow, that is a crisp image, and then the last one is just the regular wide-angle more full than the standard lens. So that’s wide, and there’s the regular pixel this is a neat little gadget some further aspects like the light in the mirror. I could get behind this the only thing to mention is it’s a little bit pricey 80 Dollars this could mix up your Instagram page.

2: Minirig Speaker

Minirig Speaker

So this Gadget is called mini rig the claim to fame here the amount of sound the quality of music a super portable Bluetooth speaker. I’m talking like pocket-size up to 30 hours of battery life 3.5-millimeter audio input and output. So you can daisy chain multiple speakers together user manual right there look at that, Hey oh look at that little guy. Industrial this is metal feels rugged oh wait a sec a tube style power adapter. A mini-jack connector as well it seems like when I plug this in it powered it up yeah that’s kind of cool.

I think they did I like this thing it’s not just loud right it’s not just about volume it’s about the ability to reproduce frequency. The frequency into music and there’s a surprising amount of low-end represented in something. So tiny this thing is cool on its own, but they make this for a reason the subwoofer for those that want a little more juice. You can tell already you’re paying a little bit more money here whoa it just looks like a metal tube oh yeah that’s a lot bigger. There’s still another output on the subwoofer it’s not quite as convenient. I see this more as an at-home type of setup I feel like this is going to stay at home most of the time.

3: Aura Drone with Glove

Aura Drone with Glove

All right last up we have the most fun gadget of the bunch you are the controller you have the power. We’ll see I don’t know this thing is super lightweight too and the glove to control the unit works within a range of 6 to 23 feet, and it’s a removable glove. This thing is super thin it also seems pretty durable with this considerable cage on it. You’ll have to be too concerned about crashing it which is good for me. If you’ve seen any of the drone videos on this panel extra propellers as well the removable glove yeah you I look right to you guys. I’m a cyborg not really at all forward backward left right there’s a dedicated button takeoff and landing right there. That’s a look right there. The gestures back forward it all starts from the point of the level.

So you hold the takeoff and land button for four seconds and boom calibrated. So when I press that button the same gesture that I would use for back and forward now becomes up and down. Alright, so it hovers we have back ahead those are the most basic gestures and then right and left. Now I’m going to come towards me stop back forward might have even exceeded my expectations it’s a novelty thing is not shooting any video as far as some of the smaller drones. I’ve tried to control in this space I mean it’s not destroyed that’s got to tell you something. It’s a little bit pricey for just like a hobby kind of toyish drone 70 Dollars.

Keep that in mind. But I mean you get to wear this look at me right now, so that’s got to be worth something do not say you agree.

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