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11 Cheap Smart Gadgets For Your Smartphone

11 Cheap Smart Gadgets For Your Smartphone

Okay, guys today we have I would say our most significant ever. The article on smartphone gadgets and as always. We’re trying a few new things with the format of the Article. So if you do enjoy it be sure to drop a like and whether it is said to let’s get started is that a coaster is it an NFC tag well gadget.

1: NFC Coasters:

Both of those things in one pack you get 5 of these pretty delightfully coloured little discs. each one contains a unique NFC chip. Which means that when your phone comes into contact with them, You can program any number of outcomes. It could be to adjust things on the phone like its brightness like the app. that is open right now. or you could even make a call to someone in particular. what I would say is even cooler is if your smartphone is connecting to your smart home. You could control the lights.

2: Smartphone Magnifier:

Now from the same a company that brought us the smartphone projector. We’ve got the smartphone magnifier which has a removable tray. which comes with this grippy pad inside You place your smartphone on it slide it back in. you’re pretty much good to go. It triples the size of your phone’s display. When all the lights are on around you, it’s a very cool experience. But suffers from quite a bit of glare but telling the lights off and this thing goes from a neat little novelty to what. What I would say is a game changer connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker whack it in here. It is the best screen magnification.

3: Wave Cable Bracelet:

I’ve ever seen okay this one’s a little a bit different by the brand new company infinity Lynx. It is the wave, and it claims to be the world’s smallest and sleekest cable bracelet the idea is pretty. Simple it doubles a fashion accessory and a cable for your phone. so that when you’re out and about you don’t need to think about always bringing one with you and credit. Where do there be a lot of flexibility here you can choose from USB type-c lightning micro USB. you can select a band that wraps around your hand. Once or one that goes around twice and there’s also quite a few choices when it comes to colour variation.

4: 10 Port Charging Station:

As a piece of a contrast to a lot of these small, tidy gadgets. What we’ve been looking at this next one is a behemoth. what you are looking at right now is a 90 watt 10 port USB charging station. So each of these 10 USB ports on-air supports 2.4 amp fast charging, and it doesn’t end there. It’s also got this full non-slip deck on the side which, unfortunately. I kind of wish it did doesn’t Wireless charge, but it’s a great place to place a wireless charger.

5: NFC Ring:

All right remember those lovely little coasters. We talked about at the beginning of the Article. Well, they’re great but if you didn’t want something in that kind of form factor. this handy little ring does the same thing. It’s a built inside of this is an NFC chip, and it’s not the prettiest piece of jewellery by a longshot. I’d be pretty wary of buying this as a gift for someone. but at the same time functionally speaking it does the same thing.

6: 3 in 1 Magnetic Cable:

All right you might be thinking. I’ve already seen something like this. I’ve seen a magnetic charging cable, and you probably have, but the difference here is that. This one kit comes with not only a beautiful little presentation bag. but also three different connectors. When you buy the cable, you go to micro USB. USB type-c and a lightning connection which means that. if you’re one of those people that uses an Apple device and an Android device. You get the benefit of not only one cable to charge them all. also reversible magnetic charging on both those devices.

7: Spiderpodium:

Okay, you might be thinking Aaron what this alien looking device is. You’re showing us how well I’ve got to say this thing has the best name of any product on the list. It is the spider podium and on some fundamental level. It gives you the combined functionality of a smartphone stand and a gorilla pod. It’s got these eight incredibly adjustable but also rigid legs. Which you can use to create a pretty traditional looking position or go crazy pretty much anything you can think of using these eight legs you can do.

8: Dual USB Drive (32GB):

All right we all know USB drives are not the most exciting topic to talk about this one as you can probably tell is a little bit different it is a dual sided drive. one with a micro USB and one with a full-size USB. Which supports USB 3.0 and it’s as simple as it looks once. I plug into your phone to use it to transfer data, and you can fill it directly into your computer. So it’s kind of like that one drive you need for both of your devices you might.

9: Wireless Charger:

I despise this product earlier on in this Article. When I talked about the charging stand and as you probably guessed. It’s a wireless charger and to be honest reading. Its spec sheet, not even that special a wireless charger. It does support fast wireless charging, but apart from that. there’s nothing crazy going on I think the design is fantastic. I think the combination of the wood on top of the metal frame and the chrome accents. As well as just how slim it makes it stand out from the wireless charger market.

10: 3D Camera:

It is probably the strangest looking item on the list and is, in fact, a stereoscopic 3d imager. You rest it on top of the camera on your smartphone. it can take photos that you could stick on a Google cardboard headset and enjoy in 3d. what could make that even cooler. Oh yeah, it works on videos too.

11: Cable Protectors:

Ok, a bit of a bonus on this Article. I wouldn’t correctly count this as a gadget as such. these little cable protectors can supposedly protect your cables from 90% of damage. They’re stupidly inexpensive so to be honest if you’re one of those people. Who always ends up with broken cable necks you might as well invest a little now alright.

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